Quality and Performance at the right price

SDI Transport Ltd has been incorporated in October 2014, as part of the diversification and restructuration of the vision of SDI Group – The company SDI Transport Ltd is a subsidiary of Service De Demenagement Int’ll Ltd which specializes in providing Transport & Logistics services across Mauritius.  

With the support of our customers and business partners over the years, we have been able to develop our logistical department allowing us to expand our range of services to include a Transport Department and create SDI Transport Ltd which consists of a fleet of vehicles.  

Our Services

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Domestic transport services:  

SDI transport has a wide range of transport that perform a specific task in every department. We have appropriate lorries that are suitable for different task such as distribution truck, side lifter box loader, retractable trailer 

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 Our professionalism  

SDI Transport Ltd, has a team of professional drivers and a Logistics Officer responsible for all queries, follow up and planning. SDI Transport Ltd, also provide an Inland Transit Insurance cover included in our rates without any extra charges when your goods are under our responsibility and being trucked. The same core values within the SDI Group are adopted by SDI Transport Ltd and we strive to provide a timely, effective, and quality service to our clients. 

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SDI Transport plus   

SDI Transport Ltd strives to deliver quality and timely service to its clients and look to build a strong business relationship with its partners. In line with the core ethics of SDI Group, SDI Transport Ltd has implemented the Service Plus Policy provides the client a range of add-on services to guarantee stress- and hassle-free service under one roof. 

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Delivery – Loading and unloading service   

SDI Transport Ltd provides delivery/unloading service to its clients as to when is required. SDI Transport Ltd will put at disposal labor force and manpower to unload goods and containers. Rates for this service are NOT included in the Transport Rates as per above table and rates will be quoted when required as per the type of goods, labor needed and time frame needed for the service.