SDI has its own logistics with around 15 fleet of vehicles and a permanent crew committed to their job. Be assured that the team in charge of the movement of your belongings is made up of organised and efficient professionals. 


Quality and Performance at the right price

SDI Transport Ltd, specializes in providing Transport & Logistics services across Mauritius. Through the support of our customers and business partners over the years, we have been able to develop our logistical department allowing us to expand our range of services and acquiring a fleet of vehicles adapted for all clients’ logistics needs.

SDI Transport Ltd, has a team of professional drivers and a Logistics Officer responsible for all queries, follow up and planning. We strive to deliver a quality and timely service to its clients and look to build a strong business relationship with its partners. In line with core ethics of SDI Group, SDI Transport Ltd has implemented the Service Plus Policy which will provide the client a range of add on services to guarantee a stress and hassle free service under one roof.

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Inland transit policy insurance

SDI Transport Ltd provides an Inland Transit Policy Insurance to all its clients INCLUDED in the Transport Rates. SDI Transport Ltd insures all goods in care custody and control whilst in transit on board vehicles owned and/or hired by SDI Transport Ltd to a sum limit of Rs 2,000,000.00 (Two Million Rupees) per conveyance.

Delivery/Uploading Service

SDI Transport Ltd provides a delivery/unloading service to its clients as to when is required. SDI Transport Ltd will put at disposal labour force and manpower to unload goods and containers.

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