Our team offers you a personalised pet relocation service. We ship your pets by air with care to anywhere in the world. The safety and comfort of your pet is of paramount importance to us in which we coordinate the smooth relocation of your pets with a professional pet moving service.


Quality and Performance 

At SDI Ltd, we realize that pets aren’t just cargo – They are part of the family. For more than 20 years, we have been handling the relocation of family pets and for their security. We take pride and attention to detail and planning as well as our personal attention to each relocation.

We have pet shipping experts that are experienced and knowledgeable that can guide you through the process of collecting the documentation or handling the entire process.

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Our Services

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We help you to sort out your paperwork for a happy move  

Documents for pet relocation can be demanding based on the country that you are heading to. Some countries may require you to start your pet relocation process some months prior to your departure. Some countries allow pets to travel only if your pet is microchipped and fully vaccinated.  


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 Find the right carrier for your pet  

You may be aware of this already but your pet will need a carrier or a crate for the relocation. It is important to build a comfortable space with the appropriate size requires so that they can enjoy a long and pleasant flight.  


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Make your flight booking for your pet  

You will need to choose an airline that accepts pets as either an accompanied luggage or cargo only. It is important to verify all requirements from your country of destination which somehow require your pet to be quarantined.  

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Pick up your pet at the arrival   

If you carry your pet as a cargo, you will need to take your pet to the airport along with you. To be able to do a pre-flight check. If you carry your pet as an accompanied luggage, you will need to check them with you at the airport and one assistant will carry your pet to the animal loading area. Upon arrival, you will collect your pet from the luggage area and pass through customs where your documents will be checked.