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SDI Warehouse also offers the facility of storage in containers. We have a setup of several 20ft and 40ft containers at your disposal in our yard. Our clients
have the choice to store their goods in a container and we give the client the
possession of the container’s keys that allow them to collect their goods
anytime during office hours.

Our customers have the flexibility to store their personal, office and
commercial belongings on a short or long term period.

Our Services

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Storage container 

Our team provides container storage service to individual and companies that want to store outdoor items in containers. Outdoor dry items such as office items,  gardening items, garage/aquatic equipment, art works etc.. Also if ever you are going abroad and plan to return back to Mauritius we can store your items in the meantime.  


shipping container for storage

Long & temporary container storage  

We provides both long and temporary container if you do not have enough space in your house or you sold/rent your house to someone and do not know what you are going to do with your personal belongings. While searching for another house. Or else, if you want to store your dry items in a container storage temporarily in our warehouse.