At SDI, our team make sure that your items are securely stored and give you stress-free

At SDI our team is committed to ensure that your commercial and personal belonging are stored in a safe and secure place in our warehouse.  

We have established storage solutions that are tailored based on your needs and requirements. 

As part of your relocation/moves, we provide both short and long term storage
solution. If ever, you do not have any spaces to store your items while moving to another house, travelling abroad for a long or a temporary period of time, or that you’re simply running out of space at your house.

Storage Protection

We make sure that your items are stored with our Storage protection :  

  • 24/7 security guards  
  • CCTV Monitoring system  
  • Emergency alarm response  
  • Pest control verification  
  • Restricted monitored access  
  • Owned our own forklift and reach truck  

Our team makes sure that we fit your requirements and needs:  

  • The space that you want to accommodate your items  
  • Storage modules in crates or on racking  
  • Affordable price that suits your budget  

Our Services

DSC2739 short and long term storage

Short/long term storage in our box shop 

Our services include the secure storage of your commercial items while you are in transit into a new office or if you are running out of space. We have appropriate storage modules that fit the size of your items.  


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Commercial storage

-SDI provides flexible short and long term storage in which we accustomed our price based on your budget and the quality of storage that you wish to store your items.  


DSC2963 personal belonging

Personal belongings   

Our team ensures that you take an insurance for your personal belongings and commercial goods because we know how important the equipment and objects you leave in storage are in your life for all the memory they represent. That is why we attach big importance to keep your things safe. Even with camera system and 24/7 security guards, smoke and fire alarm we advise an insurance in case of unexpected events.  

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We provide appropriate wooden crate that is well sealed for the security of your personal belongings. Our team has put a security restriction that give access to customers that has requested a visit to check or to take some of their items.   

We can also arrange delivery services to drop your items at your residential or to collect your items from your residential or your distributor to our warehouse. 

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?